Dear Lester,

I wanted to write to you and your company a thank you letter for doing work on my home.

Your company installed a metal roof and replaced my windows on my home. An 86’ year model trailer, with a leaking roof and single pane windows.

These two improvements have resulted in a $226.00 DECREASE IN MY POWER CONSUMPTION.

Using paper napkin math, let’s just say on average I save $200 a month, the cost of the work done will pay for itself with savings on power consumption alone in 5 years.

The house maintains a temperature more efficiently as well. This results in extending the lifetime of my a/c unit by resulting in quicker and smaller cycles.

Again, I appreciate you and your team doing the work on my home and could not be happier with the results. The house not only looks better, but has a new feeling to it as well.

Thank you, Andy Hawkins